Track advertised Liquor Prices to improve your competitive advantage

LIPS data helps suppliers and retailers increase their market intelligence

Our knowledge is your power

We provide up to date liquor pricing data and insights by monitoring alcohol prices advertised by New Zealand retailers online and in print media.


Competitor Pricing


Market Opportunities


Promotional Strategies

What is LIPS?

Instant market insights

LIPS record alcohol prices advertised in print and electronic media across all sales channels including supermarkets, retail chains, and independent bottle stores.

Insights that matter

Grow with intelligence

Improve promotion performance

Get the latest pricing and advertising insights on your brands and competitors with LIPS data reports. Download & integrate with sales data to improve your promotion performance.

How it works

Build with ease

Increase speed & efficiency

Optimizing your promotion strategies is easy with LIPS Chart-Builder. Build your own charts to identify key trends instantly. Make fast informed decisions to capitalize on market opportunities.

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